Our Mission


We are an accountable, progressive, and responsive Métis government.


To create opportunities and growth for the Métis of Fort Smith and surrounding area.

Value Statement

We work to nurture a vibrant and healthy Métis community. Building upon our strengths as we seek to
better the lives of our Citizens.



  • Accountable to our Citizens.
  • We are transparent.
  • We seek accountability and transparency in others.


  • We seek out opportunities to collaborate whenever possible.
  • We strive to strengthen and better the community of Fort Smith by collaborating with our Dene relations and the non-Indigenous residents.


  • We strive to be a responsive government.
  • We seek to use modern technology and opportunities to create multiple channels of two-way communication.
  • We are a government built upon universal suffrage and eternally rooted in democracy.


  • Strive to continually improve and innovate.
  • We will always drive ourselves to be adaptable and flexible.


  • Work with territorial, provincial, and municipal governments to strengthen our government-to-government relationships.
  • Work with the Government of Canada and sovereign Indigenous Nations to strengthen our
    Nation-to-Nation relationships.
  • We expect others to recognize and respect our inherent right to self-government, our right to self determination and our sovereignty.