138 Simpson Street in Fort Smith, NT
(Margaret Kurszewski Building)

The ELCC Department seeks opportunities to protect, conserve, monitor and rehabilitate our lands and water for the use and enjoyment of our people. We also recognize that climate change is rewriting environmental and climate patterns and will have far reaching impacts on our people and on our traditional territory.

In response, we seek to make meaningful contributions towards the environment and climate change adaption using traditional knowledge, modern science, and emerging technologies. We welcome every opportunity for collaboration, and we encourage you to reach out.

We also have various types of equipment/vehicles (drones, boats, snowmachines, monitoring and testing equipment) available for rent to individuals/organizations conducting environmental work. Contact us for a list of equipment/vehicles available and the rental rate.

We also offer sampling, monitoring and operating services (drones, boats, etc.) to businesses/organizations. Contact use for the services available and rates.