Facilities for Rent

Thebacha Recreation Area (Lil Ma Park)

The FSMC has an assortment of facilities available for rent at our Thebacha Recreation Area (Lil Ma Park) in Fort Smith. Read more about each available rental below.

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FSMC Offices: (867) 872-5914

Main Hall

Tables, chairs, fridge, electric kitchen oven, and wood stove.

Roaring Rapids Hall

190 person capacity

Board Room
2106 McDougal Rd

12 person capacity

Cabin #1

Single wooden bed frame and wood stove.

Cabin #3

Two single wooden bed frames and wood stove.

Cabin #5

One double wooden bed frame, one single wooden bed frame. Cabin can accommodate two additional single cots. One wood stove.

Cabin #6

Indoor eating area – for small groups.

Cabin #7

Bunk bed; double on bottom, single on top. Kitchen table, small fridge, prone kitchen stove, small couch.

2 Small Cabins

Small cabins, no electricity.